Does hydroxychloroquine suppress your immune system

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    Does hydroxychloroquine suppress your immune system

    I am asking this question, because I started this med approx. 1 month ago and prior to taking it I rarely ever got sick with colds,flu etc.

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    However, it’s believed that this drug affects how your immune system works, which may be a benefit in lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Hydroxychloroquine side effects Sugar also directly impacts your immune system by competing for space with vitamin C, a core nutrient for your immune cells. The more sugar in your system, the harder it is for your immune cells to get the vitamin C they need to function, resulting in an up to 40% decrease in effectiveness lasting for hours after you consume the sugar! 13 Aug 02, 2010 Plaquenil works by suppressing the immune system. Unfortunately you can't tell it to attack just the germs so you suppress all of its function to spare your healthy tissue- in your husband's case, his eyes, mouth, throat. NOTE Plaquinil and hydroxychloroquine are essentially the same drug. The same effects should be expected from both drugs. 2. No, his immune system should not be forever compromised.

    Around 2 weeks ago, I came down with a doozy of an illness (flulike with croup like cough that just won't quit). The only thing that usually ever ailed me were the crappy Sjogrens symptoms.

    Does hydroxychloroquine suppress your immune system

    Hydroxychloroquine and the immune system Hi everyone. - NRAS, The 9 Very Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Immune System.

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  7. Overall, most serious fungal infections are rare, but they do happen. They are most common among people with weak immune systems. People with certain health conditions may need to take medications with side effects that can weaken your immune system and put you at risk for fungal infections.

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    It is not clear why hydroxychloroquine is effective at treating autoimmune diseases. It is believed that hydroxychloroquine interferes with the communication of cells in the immune system. You should always take your anti-malarial medications with food to prevent stomach upset. If a stomachache does occur, it is usually temporary. However, if you experience stomach upset while taking generic hydroxychloroquine, ask your doctor about trying name-brand Plaquenil instead. Topsy, hi. Hydroxychloroquine Plaquenil is a first-tier med meaning lightest taken for lupus where there's no major organ involvement; it's also used for Sjogren's syndrome, and I think also for mild RA. It doesn't suppress your immune system good news.

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    13 mg/kg (10 mg/kg base), not to exceed 800 mg (620 mg base) followed by 6.5 mg/kg (5 mg/kg base), not to exceed 400 mg (310 mg base), at 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours after the initial dose. Treating Lupus with Anti-Malarial Drugs Johns Hopkins Lupus. Experts debate hydroxychloroquine dosing guidelines in lupus The Role of Hydroxychloroquine Blood Levels in SLE RheumNow.
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    Chloroquine Side Effects Common, Severe, Long Term - Before the administration of chloroquine, the patient had only a mild skin erythema in the irradiated area, which was consistent with the radiotherapy dose she had received. On day 3 of chloroquine therapy, she developed localized brisk bullous eruptions in the irradiated area, which developed into a patch of fulminant moist desquamation.

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